Outdoor Covers and a Boat Shed for all Dinghies

A range of very good quality long lasting Sail Dinghy Covers tailor made for your boat & dinghy. We have a range of covers so you can buy the right one for your circumstances. Click on one of the links below to find out more about each product.

Mast-Up Boom Attached Covers
Mast-Up Boom
Attached Covers
With Mast-Up Covers
With Mast-Up

No Mast Covers
No Mast
Boat & Dinghy Folding Garages
Boat & Dinghy
Folding Sheds

We have our Mast-Up Boom-Attached (also known as Overboom) and With Mast-Up Dinghy covers for protecting your boats whenever they are not in the water.

boat collage

SPECIAL NOTE: These 3 pictures show our, formerly red, Mediumweight covers in use. We now make them gray, as the red fades in the UV.

The No Mast cover is obviously designed to protect your boat in transit on a trailer and the Boat & Dinghy Folding Garage can be your boat shed when you don't have a boat shed.

Make not known Covers
Make not known Covers