If you want to just purchase one (or more) of our capes you can do that lower down this page.

An old fashioned idea that still works brilliantly; choose from two colours and material weights:

scooter riders orange cape

FLO ORANGE: a lightweight nylon proofed textile easily seen from a fair distance. Very good for showers (rain showers, that is !), and keeps out most of even heavy rain.

scooter riders silver cape

REFLECTIVE SILVER: a slightly heavier (not heavy) polyester proofed textile. Very good for rain; more protection in cold weather. Can be seen pretty well, especially at night

BOTH have the following features.

Reflective strips front and back.

Buckle-up strap to go around your waist.

Two Velcro tags to hold the cape to your handlebars.

Pack up small in its own bag; easily fits into a back pack or in the scooter's holdall

Just hang it on a convenient hook with the sewn-in tag

bag for cape, on carrier bag for cape, hanging up

SIZING: Because it is such a loose fitting garment, it doesn't make sense to choose by chest size. Therefore we size by width across the shoulders, a very easy to do measurement. Don't forget, when measuring, to wear any anorak or coat that you might use on your scooter, to allow for a bit more size. Precision measurement is not needed; a cape must be the loosest fitting of all garments.

Shoulder widths available are :


Small: 16" / 40cms
(approx. chest size 36" to 40")

Medium: 19" / 48cms
(approx. chest size 40" to 44")

Large: 22" / 56cms
(approx. chest size over 44")


One size: 12" / 30cms. (up to chest size about 30")

Please let us know (contact us) if you want a cape bigger or smaller than this size range.

We have designed them so you can get a medium size backpack underneath, and a helmet under the hood. Capes are sometimes known as Ponchos. They make good presents; excellent for fishing, hiking, and bicycling too.

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Adult Cape 16" / 40cms: Orange $29.28
Adult Cape 19" / 48cms: Orange $34.16
Adult Cape 22" / 56cms: Orange $39.04
Child Cape 12" / 30cms: Orange $21.96
Adult Cape 16" / 40cms: Silver $29.28
Adult Cape 19" / 48cms: Silver $34.16
Adult Cape 22" / 56cms: Silver $39.04
Child Cape 12" / 30cms: Silver $21.96
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