Photo showing blue VW Wing cover on car. Photo showing Mazda Wing cover on car.

>> Tough, impact-absorbing material.

>> Protects paintwork whilst working in the engine bay.

>> Fixings to suit steel, glass fibre and aluminium bodywork.

>> Most are available 3 feet / 900mm; 4 feet / 1200mm or 5 feet /1500mm long; all our wing covers have a 29 inches / 740mm drop.

Available in plain Black; Green (with Jaguar or Aston Martin logo); Burgundy (with Rolls Royce logo); Blue (with Volkswagen logo); Black (with Mazda logo).

Other manufacturers may be available on request; please ask.

Please don't forget we also offer an "all round" version of a wing cover. Think of 2 wing covers joined together across the front and rear of the engine bay. We call these engine bay shrouds. A small range so far, increasing as we are asked; do please ask.

Photo showing black Wing cover on car. Photo showing Car Wing covers on Jaguar and Aston Martin.

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Black plain - 3ft / 900mm wide $36.60
Black plain - 4ft / 1200mm wide $48.80
Black plain - 5ft / 1500mm wide $59.78
Black with Mazda logo - 3ft / 900mm wide $61.00
Blue with VW logo - 3ft / 900mm wide $61.00
Burgundy with Rolls-Royce logo - 5ft / 1500mm wide $76.86
Green with Aston Martin logo - 3ft / 900mm wide $61.00
Green with Aston Martin logo - 4ft / 1200mm wide $71.98
Green with Jaguar logo - 4ft / 1200mm wide $71.98
Price includes free contiguous US delivery.